privacy policy

People who are interested in sports betting can utilize a free internet tool to find and compare odds from various bookmakers and put wagers with those who are widely recognized as the best in the industry.

Sports betting is a highly confidential business. We utilize the data we collect to provide you with access to our services, such as the odds comparing and assisted enrollment features of our website. Collectively, we refer to them as the “Services,” and we utilize the data we collect to tailor our website to each visitor. The privacy of your details is extremely important to us here at Sports Betting. The following sections elaborate on the measures we intend to take to safeguard your personal information.

Where can we look for reliable information?

We may collect information from you during the registration process and at other points so that we can offer you the Services. Do not feel obligated to make these statements. However, we may be unable to provide the Services if you do not provide the necessary information.

What purpose do the data serve?

The data will be used in sports betting to:

The process of getting to know guests and delivering services

Verify the details of your bank or credit card.

Enhancing the resources available on our websites, tailoring the material and/or layout of our pages to the specific requirements of each visitor,

Share with your data you might find useful, such as updates on new offerings.

Which party receives the data?

When you utilize Sports Betting’s assisted registration service, we’ll share your information with the bookies you select. Bookmakers will utilize the information supplied per their respective privacy rules. When you use this website to sign up, you acknowledge that Sports Betting has no control over how the information you provide will be utilized.

To illustrate our offerings and for other legal purposes, Sports Betting may disclose aggregate numbers about our website visitors, subscribers, and sales with romantic suitors, advertisers, and other third parties. No identifying information about the individuals being surveyed will be included in these data.

If Sports Betting is obliged by law to disclose such information, or if it reasonably believes that such disclosure is necessary to safeguard the rights, reputation, or personal safety of Sports Betting, the website, or its users, it may do so.

Some of the pages on this site connect to external resources. Betting on sports takes no responsibility for the content or privacy policies of external websites.

Data logging and IP address tracking

Your IP address is automatically logged whenever you visit our website. This tells our web server that you can access the internet from your computer. IP addresses are used for site administration and to gather broad demographic statistics for aggregate purposes. All the data you enter can be connected to your IP address and used to identify you.


Keeping our customers’ private information secure is a top priority in the sports betting industry. Safeguards have been put in place to prevent the loss, misuse, or tampering of any client data. We take the security of your financial data seriously and employ secure server software (SSL). It is impossible to ensure that information will not be compromised, misused, or lost, no matter how hard we try.

The use of cookies

Cookies are little pieces of information that a website transfers to your hard drive to remember and, in some cases, track certain details about your browsing habits. Cookies are accepted automatically by most browsers, but you can alter your settings to disable this feature.

This, however, can prevent you from making full use of any given website. You can’t be tracked using cookies because they are only accessible by the service that created them. While cookies can identify a user’s computer, they cannot identify the user themselves and do not save sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers.

We may employ cookies for the following purposes:

Verifying your identity is required before you can access your account details

Determine the total population and the types of individuals living there.

Make it so that signing up is a one-and-done deal.

Put a cap on how many times a visitor can see the same ad.

Listen to the feedback of our users, and make necessary changes to the site;

Check out the increasing participation in our contests and other promotions.

As soon as you log in, this will occur. The intention is to facilitate service use. A cookie can be removed by selecting “Logout” from the “About 0” submenu. Contrary to popular belief, not all mobile download apps store tracking cookies on the user’s device.

Where it is that record are kept?

We use a server in the United Kingdom to store customer data temporarily while it is being processed. It may be required to transfer your data outside the EEA to process it following this privacy policy. Get in touch if you need further background on the participating nations.

Possibilities that is free for you

Requesting a copy of your complete personal file is within your rights. You are also permitted to rectify any inaccuracies in such data. If you ask us not to use your information for marketing purposes, we will respect your wishes.